Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies Are Here!

Today my Girl Scout Cookies arrived.  Oh how I love those thin mints!  As I enjoy almost half a sleeve, yikes, I am inspired to write about the recent restructure of the Girl Scout brand.

Girl Scouts is 97 years old.  Over the years girls worked to earn badges, wore polyester vests camped and sold cookies.  The cookies are still in but almost everything else is out.  Because enrollment keeps dropping every year, the Girls Scouts are changing their brand image and trying to become cool.

Going hi-tech, troops are into blogging and life on-line. Going hip, teen troops are being led my college students instead of moms. Going curriculum, badges are gone and journeys are in focusing on teamwork and making a difference.  Going fashionable, polyester has been replaced with hip t-shirts, hoodies and hats.  Going multi-cultural troops are twinning - video conferencing with troops in other countries.

Being true who they are girl scouts will still camp, sing and sell cookies.  Leaders of troops can select which new options they would like to incorporate into their troop.

Only time will tell if these brand changes will start to increase enrollment.  Hats off to Girl Scouts for embracing the times and changing their structure to meet the needs of today's girl.

Keep selling those cookies.  I'm off to finish the rest of my thin mint sleeve. Yum!