Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hopefully Lance Will Be Recovered For The Pelotonia Tour

Yesterday the ultimate cyclist, Lance Armstrong, injured himself in a bike accident.  At a bike race in Spain, Lance fell and fractured his collarbone and will have to undergo surgery.

Because of the injury the world is already buzzing whether or not he will race in the July Tour de France. Central Ohio is most likely wondering if he will be able to participate in the Pelotonia Tour in late August.

The Pelotonia Tour is the first Columbus to Athens charity ride for cancer research.  Lance is suppose to serve as honorary chairman as well as ride in the Tour.  He is expected to start the trip riding from Columbus to Athens.  Over the next five years event organizer's hope to raise $40 million for cancer research at OSU James Cancer Hospital.  They are on their way with a $12.5 million donation from NetJets.

Let's hope Lance makes a speedy recovery so he can participate in the Pelotonia Tour and continue biking his way across the world for cancer awareness. 

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