Monday, March 23, 2009

I Kin' (and I did) Make My Own Dunkin' Donut

Chocolate Cake Stick Donut with Cappuccino Cream, White Icing and Hershey Chocolate Shavings
It's like having your coffee and donut in one taste!

Why am I marketing my donut and why did I make one?  It's because Dunkin' Donuts is looking for a new donut creation and they are asking the public to pitch in.  Now through April 7, 2009 you can enter the "Create Dunkin's Next Donut" contest.  If they pick your donut it will not only be sold in participating stores across the country, it will win you $12,000.  Not bad for creating a virtual viccitelli (that's a donut from Campania, Italy where they drink plenty of cappuccino).  

You can check the gallery of other donuts and enter the contest here.

Appropriately, the winner will be announced on National Donut Day - June 5, 2009.

A fun and smart way to work Internet marketing!

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