Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Twitterriffic! Just ask GMA, Skittles, @8101Harris and columbus imPRessions

Twitter, it's all over the place!  

Yesterday Good Morning America announced during a segment that they will now be using Twitter for next week's special series "GMA Goes Big".  Their "tweets" will be clues hinting where they are.  They also have a link to their twitter profile right on their web homepage.

Last week Skittles created an interweb where their chatter is an overlay of Twitter.  This overlay captures every "tweet" (good or bad) that is being communicated over Twitter.  Make a "tweet" about Skittles and it immediately shows up on their Twitter interweb, very innovative.

columbus imPRessions uses Twitter daily.  Twitter has been very successful in pitching story ideas to the media, helping non-profit organizations with feeds from In-kind Connection, directing more unique visitors to our site through twitterfeed, as well as finding new clients. The project for Baby The Planet Expo came via Twitter.

Yesterday I had a great meeting with Dan Harris or @8101Harris.  Dan is coming up with great ideas using the social networking world.  Can't wait to get involved with Taste Casting - a unique tool to help local restaurants using Twitter.  If it wasn't for Twitter I most likely would not have met @8101Harris.

Now I can "tweet" anytime and anywhere because I just installed Twitterberry on my Blackberry.  Twitter is twitteriffic!  You just need to think "beyond the box" a little to make it work. "Beyond the box", that's columbus imPRessions approach.  You can follow columbus imPRessions on twitter here.

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