Thursday, March 12, 2009

Non-Profit Inventory

As a former director of Brand Marketing and Development Programs in the non-profit industry, one of my main responsibilities was to create fundraising and development programs while overseeing brand compliance.

In order to strike corporate/business interest in the organization we had to establish a consistent and professional brand, not only for the organization, but for each fundraising program that we built.  But that wasn't enough.  We also had to create some sort of inventory, a tangible benefit to the corporation/business.

Corporations and business alike get involved with a non-profit for many reasons.  They like to give back to their community, they like to engage employees through involvement, and they like to get a little something back in return.

Non-profits have more to offer than they realize.  Some benefits that were created for sponsors, usually because of an event or corporate giving program, were:
  1. Media Mentions - Securing media sponsor(s) early on so the title/presenting sponsor can be mentioned in PSAs.
  2. Brand placement - positioning the corporate/business logo on everything from invitations and brochures to signage and website.
  3. Unique Visitors - Using your website unique visitor count can be a huge selling point. Monitor your web analytics and use them as a benefit to the donor.  That's the number of times their brand will have additional exposure.
Now with social media a new lot of inventory benefits are available:
  1. Facebook - By creating a Facebook page for the organization or event and including the sponsor logo you can use number of fans to the page as inventory.
  2. Twitter - By posting a tweet on Twitter about the sponsor involvement you can use the number of followers to your profile as inventory.
  3. You Tube - By adding a video on You Tube with the sponsor logo you can add number of views to the video as inventory.
The benefit possibilities are endless if you just think "beyond the box". 

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