Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tonight's The First TasteCasters Event (#CbusTasters)

I recently joined TasteCasters. TasterCasters is a group of socially networked people that enjoy connecting and meeting with others over food and drink. We taste, tweet, and then repeat. Broadcasting our experience across our social media platforms.

As social media grows, so does the unique ways in which to market your business. TasteCasters helps market various establishments. Business helping business. If an establishment is looking to spread the word about a grand opening, new product, new menu or special offer, TasteCasting can help increase awareness by driving traffic to the web site, and encouraging people to visit the establishment to experience for themselves.

If an establishment is interested in hosting a TasteCasting all you need to do is invite as many TasteCasting members, (currently 22), you'd like to a tasting and tour. In return, each TasteCasting member in attendance will broadcast their event, at no cost, to Facebook friends, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections. Members will also post photos, videos, comments about the establishment and food at the event on their blogs, Flickr, Youtube and Viddler accounts. Establishments also receive a landing page on the Tastecasting website.

Tonight's TasteCasting is at the Suisse Shope off of Polaris Parkway. We are going to sample cupcakes and other goodies. Watch for my tweets and Facebook status updates starting around 7:30 pm. Tomorrow I will post about the experience.

If you want to see everyone's Twitter comments during the TasteCasting follow along here #CbusTasters and #Suisse.

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Anonymous said...

What a great tasting! Who doesn't love cupcakes? The Suisse Ship Bakery is the finest in european yumminess1