Thursday, April 2, 2009

April is Donate Life Month

Yesterday I heard a news clip on 610 WTVN referencing Donate Life Month.

Ever since 2003 April has become the month to celebrate organ, tissue, blood and marrow donors while encouraging others to follow suit.

They also unveiled a couple staggering statistics:
  1. Over 98,000 people are awaiting a transplant
  2. Every day about 77 people get an organ transplant for a second chance a life.  However almost 20 others die waiting and never receiving an organ in time.
It's easy to become an organ or tissue donor:
  1. Register with your State Donor Registry 
  2. Say YES to donation when renewing your driver's license.  I signed up when I renewed my drivers license years ago.
  3. Tell family, friends, caretakers you want to be a donor
  4. Fill out a signed and witnessed donor card and carry with you.
This month, be an advocate for organ and tissue donation:
  1. Encourage your company or organization to become a Workplace Partnership for Life.
  2. Encourage your child's school to get involved with Decision Donation
  3. Show your support and wear a free lapel pin.
Sign up during Donate Life Month to donate your organs or tissue.  It's easy!   It's free! It could save a life!

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