Tuesday, April 21, 2009

COLUMBUS MEDIA: It's Volunteer Week Please Help Me Create Awareness for In-Kind Connection

This week marks Volunteer Week.  We are encouraged to share our stories.  Therefore, I'm asking the Columbus media to assist me in bringing awareness to In-Kind Connection. 

In-Kind Connection is a complimentary service sponsored by columbus imPRessions connecting non-profits in need of in-kind items to businesses and donors who can help.

Making a difference for the greater good - www.inkindconnection.com

* columbus impressions runs the web site to help spread the word and make a connection. 
* Non-profits email needs for upcoming events, to enhance the program, the office or to raise awareness. 
* Businesses email overstock items they are looking to donate or the willingness to assist non-profits.

After posted to the site needs and haves are then broadcasted through various social media channels like, Twitter, Facebook, AllTop, LinkedIn, etc.

columbus imPRessions will help make the connection. It is up to the non-profit and donor to work together to secure and exchange the items.

Email your need or have to inkindconnection@columbusimpressions.com

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