Friday, April 24, 2009

Cup O'Joe is a Cup O'Clever

Yesterday I had a meeting at Cup O'Joe.  I ordered a medium sized regular coffee with cream - my usual.  Even though I was going to enjoy my coffee there, I asked for my coffee in a to go cup.  

It wasn't until I was almost finished with my coffee that I noticed the cup sleeve.  It was very colorful, had texture and prominently displayed the Cup O' Joe logo.  But on the back it had an incentive. If you saved the sleeve and reused it ten times you would redeem one fully punched sleeve and a free cup of Cup O'Joe coffee.  Very smart! 

This sleeve serves a few purposes.  The obvious being protection on your hand from the hot coffee in the cup. The second being clever marketing.  This is such a simple and smart way to get customers to come back (and to possibly even talk about it on their blog). The last being an environmentally friendly idea.  By reusing the sleeve Cup O'Joe is helping keep the earth a little greener.

Very clever indeed.  Kuddos to Cup O'Joe! 

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Anonymous said...

Pretty clever. I wonder why Stauf's doesn't pick this up.