Monday, April 27, 2009

Diggin' Digg

This weekend I created a profile on Digg.  You can see the link to my Digg profile down my sites right hand column, (toward the bottom) or you can click here.

What is Digg?  Digg is a site where people share and discover content from all over the Internet from major web sites to independent blogs.  Submit content or search for something that interests you.  If people like the content they see they simply Digg what they like.  The more Diggs, the higher the article ranks on the site.  Think of it as an advanced bookmark.  Instead of bookmarking pages only on your computer you are sharing them with an entire social media community.  This way more people can see your content or you can see come really cool articles you might have never found before.

To find out more about how Digg works, click here.  Happy Digging!

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