Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Like Cream in My Coffee

I enjoy a good cup of coffee (or two) everyday.  I like to add flavored cream, and try various types but my staple seems to be French Vanilla.  Over the years, I have gone back and forth between International Delight and Coffee-mate.  But lately, I have been buying more Coffee-mate.  It's not because of the taste, when mixed into my coffee I really can't tell that much of a difference between the two because they both taste good.  It's actually more because of the packaging. 

While both bottles are tall and almost a slender pear shape, the pour tops are very different. International Delight's pour tends to be messy, the cream catches in the cap so when you open it your hit by a slight squirt, and the cream usually glops instead of pours out smoothly.

But to my delight (international delight), I just learned that International Delight just redesigned their bottle addressing and fixing all the concerns I just mentioned and making it look more Euro-modern.  Reports say the redesign will save the $1 million a year in production costs. Hey, maybe they will lower the cost of their cream now. They listened to their consumers on the redesign.  Any chance they'll listen to a consumer on the price? One can only dream.

With the redesign I will buy International Design and give it another try.  


Looks like during the product redesign a little logo redesign occurred.  The G swirling into a coffee cup on the old product seems not to have transferred onto the new product.

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