Thursday, April 23, 2009

Philanthropy Friday Will Debut on

Earlier this month I created a post about Philanthropy Friday.  Philanthropy Friday is a weekly segment that will create an in-depth profile featuring a local non-profit every Friday.

I'm excited to announce that beginning in May, Philanthropy Friday will now be a feature on Columbus Underground.

Yesterday I met with Columbus Underground Founder, Walker Evans to discuss my idea and it was favorably received!

My first feature will be on May 1st. You can find it at  On that same day I will create a "Behind the Scenes" post on columbus imPRessions where viewers can get additional information about the group, as well as see more photos. Both Columbus Underground and columbus imPRessions will link to the non-profit organization.  

I'm looking forward to bringing greater awareness to the many non-profits in Columbus, Ohio and with the help of Columbus Underground so many more people will learn about these wonderful organizations.

If you have a nonprofit you would like me to feature email me at  


Kelly Gingery said...

This is great news!

Sounds like an awesome pairing: Columbus imPRessions and Columbus Underground.

What a wonderful idea to spotlight the many non-profits here in Columbus, Ohio.

Really looking forward to this new feature, way to go!

Walker Evans said...

Looking forward to the first edition! :D