Thursday, April 9, 2009

Plea To Trader Joe's

I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's.  For the quality of food, the value is superb.  Just one problem with Trader Joe's . . . . there isn't one close enough to me.

So here is my plea.  "Trader Joe's will you build a store in Lewis Center, Ohio?  Yes there are two stores in the Columbus, Ohio area - Easton and Dublin, but I see I huge need for one in the northern part of Columbus."

Let me tell you why:
  1. So many people in this area love Trader Joe's!
  2. So many people in the northern part of Columbus want to eat healthy but have limited choices.
  3. Currently there are no health grocery stores in this part of Columbus.  The closest is The Raisin Rack in Westerville.
  4. Delaware county, is one of the fastest growing counties in the country.
  5. In the Route 23 Corridor - between Powell and Delaware - retail establishment are popping up very fast.
  6. Plenty of land is still available in above mentioned area to build a Trader Joe's store.
  7. Lewis Center is a community that supports its schools and community organizations.
  8. Home to Alum Creek State Park and many bike and walking paths, Lewis Center residents live an active, healthy life-style.
If that's not convincing then how about a little market research:
  1. The median household income is $81,769
  2. Estimated median household value is $289,997
  3. Over 11,000 people live in Lewis Center, proper - that's almost 5,000 housing units
  4. Average household size is 2.6
  5. Percentage of family households is 72.8%
  6. The median age is 30 years old
  7. Profits from business +$13,693
  8. Surrounding nearby communities have median household incomes of over $80,000 with median ages of 34.
So, what do you say Trader Joe's . . . is my plea and market research convincing?  

If anyone would like to comment and add to my persuasion please do.  I would greatly appreciate it!


ohradiogirl said...

Such detailed research. Good for you. I love TJs.

Kelly Gingery said...

Ah yes....Trader Joe's, quite wonderful.

In the wise words of the lovely Liz Lemon....

"I want to go to there."

Great research & very heartfelt (must have been that red wine!)

Hope your plea works!