Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TasteCasting: Another Tortastic Event

Last night the Columbus TasteCasters were invited back to the Suisse Shop for a special Eurporean torte tasting.  Being a huge fan of the Suisse Shop Bakery I signed up as soon as I saw the invite.  As we walked in we were all welcomed as if we were family.  Since becoming a TasteCaster I have actually been to the Suisse Shop a few times to purchase goodies for family occasions.  So when I was greeted by name and asked how everyone liked the cupcakes they made for my daughter's party it made me feel special.  The warmth from the Suisse Shop is not just from their ovens!

Herb started the torte tasting by showing us the beautiful case of tortes and explained Torte Week.  During Torte Week you can by tortes by the slice for $3.50 per slice.  Buy just one, or mix and match. But because there are over 25 different types, buying just one might be a little difficult.  Torte Week is celebrated two times a year and is currently going on right now.  Stop up at the Suisse Shop, located on Polaris Parkway, between now and May 2nd.  You'll be so glad you did.  The quality is impeccable and the taste is delectable.  Each torte is a work of art made with the finest ingredients, which include imported chocolate and seedless marmalade.

Some of my favorites I tried were: Black Forrest, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Decadence and Chocolate Peanut Butter (see a chocolate pattern here).

If you were wondering why the Suisse Shop invited the TasteCasters group back it's because since the cupcake tasting a couple months back their web site visits have increased almost 50%, and sales have gone up.  Social media marketing really works.  If your establishment would like to host a TastCasting event visit the web site for more info and to schedule a tasting.


Kelly Gingery said...

OK, I am seriously bummed that I wasn't able to make the TasteCasting Torte-tasting last night at the Suisse Shop!

(Say THAT 3 times fast!)

Unfortunately, I was cheering on my son's soccer team in the pouring rain, instead of tasting those delicious & gorgeous tortes.

Being a true choco-holic, I would have been right there with ya and the Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Decadence and the Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Although I missed it last night, your words & pics have thoroughly tempted me....and I will be heading to the Suisse Shop this week for my own selection of sweets.

Yay for Torte Week!

Anonymous said...

So sad I missed the event. My thighs didn't miss it but my taste buds sure did! Your post and pics make me tempted to pick some up this week. I have a graduation party to attend and me thinks this would be a nice gift!


columbus imPRessions said...

Missed the tweet sisters!

Hey jujuburd, the graduate you mentioned loved the peanut butter chocolate torte. She actually saw God upon taking the first bite!

columbus imPRessions said...

See what a couple other TasteCasters are saying about the Suisse Shop:

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