Monday, April 6, 2009

Things Are Cooking At The Culinary Table

This week, my client, The Culinary Table will be busy whipping up some excitement!  So many interesting items are on this week's menu.  

If you're listening to almost any Columbus radio station Tuesday or Wednesday you will hear Children's Hunger Alliance talking about the children's cooking classes at The Culinary Table that will benefit the Foundation.  The Culinary Table is hosting children's cooking classes one full day, Saturday, April 11th, for food, fun and philanthropy.  Click here for details.

The crew at The Culinary Table will also be preparing for the TasteCasting group on Thursday. Almost 20 TasteCasters will eat and Tweet their way through a fabulous evening where they will sample some delicious appetizers like mozzarella stuffed grilled portobello mushrooms, Stilton tart with cranberry chutney, smoked trout on cucumber rounds to name a few, as well as learn more about what The Culinary Table has to offer.  The TasteCasters should be prepared for a real first-class treat!  The Culinary Table should be prepared for great exposure over hundreds of various social media channels.

Under my suggestion and supervision, The Culinary Table is also trying their hand at social media.  We have added more posts and personality to their blog, and they have joined Twitter. You can follow them on Twitter here.  The tweets are just starting, but after this week they should have lots more to add!

Social media is key in starting a new business.  It's a great way to advertise with real impact because it reaches a substantial number of individuals simultaneously for mere pennies. Something a new business with a limited budget like The Culinary Table can afford.

We are hoping that with the awareness generated by these two events this week The Culinary Table will be well on its way to years of great success.  

Mangia Mangia or Eat Eat like my Nonna (grandma) would always say.


Ali said...

See you Thursday!

Kelly Gingery said...

OK...I just read this post and I'm am so excited for Thursday's TasteCasting event at The Culinary Table!

Mozzarella stuffed grilled portobello mushrooms, Stilton tart with cranberry chutney and smoked trout on cucumber rounds. Are you kiddin' me?

Seriously....I may never leave.

Note to self: Bring a healthy appetite AND a pillow.

I'm just sayin'.

Looking forward to eating (and tweeting) this Thursday!