Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Virgin - It's not just for music anymore (or airlines)

Last week when shopping at the grocery store I leisurely strolled down the wine isle.  I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I do enjoy a good glass of red wine, especially those surprisingly, delicious finds around $10.00.

Glancing up and down the shelves I came across a wine bottle I didn't recognize, a 2006 Shiraz by Virgin Vines.  Reading the back I loved what I read - "Dare to enjoy this wine without dashes of pretentiousness or hints of snootiness. Virgin Vines believes wine should be all about having fun and loving the taste . . . not waxing poetically about meaningless wine-speak and food pairings.  Simply drink this big, bold red with something or someone you find delicious."

This wine had a sense of humor and I couldn't pass that up.   I just had to buy it, after all Sir Richard Branson always peaks my curiosity.  I opened the bottle of wine with my pasta dinner last night and even added a dash to my sauce. It was good!

I wanted to learn more about this wine and why Virgin would extend their brand to include wines.  Visiting their site I immediately was asked to become a V3IP and by signing up I will receive exclusive information on Virgin Vines, be the first to know about upcoming events, and get free downloads  - cross promoting the music brand - clever.  However, when I tried to download my free music the links did not work.

Researching a little further I learned that Virgin Vines is actually one of the brands fromBrown-Forman out of Louisville, KY who also brands a large number of alcohol brands.

Overall, my curiosity was satisfied.  I saw the Virgin brand, bought the wine, drank the wine, sign-up for more info on their website and now I'm blogging about it.  Heck, I sound like Virgin Vine's dream customer! :)

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