Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What Can Happen Over Coffee

Yesterday I had a great coffee meeting with Ryan Bauer.  Ryan is a mover and a shaker with a dynamic personality.  Two hours flew and before the conversation was over I agreed to become a speaker at an upcoming Meetup group.

Recently moving back to Columbus, Ryan started the Meetup group, Columbus Social Media Network.  The purpose of this group is to gather social media "junkies"  to meet up each month. Some meet-ups are social for cocktails and some, like the one I'll be speaking at, are educational.

I'll be speaking at the May 12th Reputation Management: Social Media and Public Relations with my focus being Social Media/PR for Non-Profit Organizations.  Ryan has invited another speaker who will be discussing Social Media/PR for Corporations.  More details will soon be posted on the Meetup site.  

Meetup is a network site for local groups.  Meetups are a great resource for anyone to organize a local group or find a group to join in your area.  Thousands of Meetup groups across the country get together each day.  There are over 4.7 members in over 3,500 cities.   Find a Meetup group near you here.


Kelly Gingery said...

Hey, that sounds great!

I recently read about Ryan and joined his Columbus Social Media Network Meetup group as well.

I'm really looking forward to attending the meetups, and hearing your presentation as well.

See you soon!

Patrick said...

Interesting stuff. I would like to check out the Corporation side...and you too of course, Michelle. Later.