Monday, May 11, 2009

Bob Evans Beefs Up Their On-line Presence

This evening, the TasteCasting group will be special guests at Bob Evans Graceland where we will be given a sneak preview of their summer menu about a week before it is introduced to the public.  During our preview, the TasteCasters will Tweet, Blog and create buzz about the food and our experience, acting like a group of social media guerilla marketers for the national chain.

I'm very excited about this one.  Sure I like Bob Evans food, but I'm excited to learn how Bob Evans is changing to keep up with the times.  A few months back, my family wanted to order Bob Evans carry-out.  I got on-line and pulled up their web site.  The site was so dated, was hard to navigate and was not user friendly.  Being disappointed, I decided to send them an email sharing my concerns about their site.  Within days I was sent an email expressing their appreciation and just a few months later I noticed a new, easy to navigate and great web site. Now I'm not saying my email made them change their website, but whatever did, I'm sure glad it worked!

Bob Evans has also been running on on-line promotion to introduce their Big Farm Salads.  The Sweepstakes ends May 13th so you still have a couple days to try and win a $100 gift card. They have also made their social media mark on Twitter and Facebook.

There will be more to come after our TasteCasting, at the home of homestyle.

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