Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Day the Music Died

Thanks to everyone who participated in my "Should the music on my site stay or go" poll. Over the last week I heard from quite a few people on my site, on Twitter and on Facebook weighing in with their thoughts about the music.

I have to say it was somewhat of a surprise that most people do not like music on a site.  Others liked the option of turning the music on if they wanted to hear the tunes.  Some said the music made the site slower to load.  Others stated that, when in a quiet place, the music would come on unexpected and loud.

So, my theory of music creating a mood and experience on a site rather than just being a flat page was wrong.  I can admit when I am wrong.  So, I have decided to delete the music from my site, at least for now. Maybe during the summer I'll bring back the tunes, but this time with the option to turn it on instead of automatically coming up when the page opens.

Thanks for the feedback.  I want to keep my visitors happy! 


Kelly Gingery said...

"Bye, bye Miss American Pie....drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry....."

OK Michele, I totally understand your decision and really like how you used reader feedback to make it.

Maybe when (and if) the music can put some Adam Lambert on there -- since I think he is totally gonna win American Idol in 2 weeks!

Love your site, with or without the tunes.

Keep on bringin' the good stuff.....


Anonymous said...

I loved the music. It made me aware of new artists that might be otherwise overlooked.

You were quite democratic by letting readers vote and as any good marketing executive would do, you listened to them.

Love your site,

Ju Ju Burd