Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Reputation Tracking Tools

The other night at the Reputation Management: Social Media and Public Relations session I mentioned that one of the first steps in reputation management was monitoring the Internet to see what is being said about you.  During the Q&A session, someone asked a question about tracking tools.  Because most of the clients I work with are either non-profits with little or no marketing budgets, or small businesses with limited marketing budgets I tend suggest free tools. 

The key FREE monitoring tools I suggest are:
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Reader
  • Twitter Search
  • Monitoring Blog Comments
  • Monitoring Twitter Retweets
These tools give you the basics 411, but at least you can see when your brand is being mentioned.

If you have money in your budget you could always look into paying monitoring services like:
  • Buzzlogic
  • Radian6
  • Brand Eye
  • Reputation Defender
  • Cision
These can give you various measuring tools in different analysis shapes and sizes but there is a price and sometimes a hefty one at that.

Doing some research yesterday I actually came across quite a few more FREE monitoring tools:
  • Google News - see what is being said about you in mainstream media
  • Digg or Reddit - search stories that may have been submitted about your brand
  • Technorati - tracking social media news
  • Google Blog Search - see what individuals are blogging about your brand
  • co.mments - track what comments individuals are leaving about your company on individual's blog posts
  • blogpulse conversation tracker - tracker who is linking to a blog post about your brand
  • blogpulse blog trends - track the growth of specific key words
  • - see who is bookmarking a page that mentions your brand
  • Flickr - track to see if any photos of your brand is on-line without your knowledge
  • Boardtracker - monitor message boards that might include conversations about your brand
  • Google trends - see if your brand is one of the keywords most searched for
This may take some dedication and time but, as you can see, there really are quite a bit of FREE reputation tracking tools to help you monitor your brand reputation.

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Anonymous said...

ReputationDefender / Reputation Defender isn't very effective as a monitoring tool. Google Alerts is much more robust, and it is free.