Friday, May 15, 2009

Philanthropy Friday Behind the Scenes with PetPromise

I had the pleasure of getting to learn more about PetPromise. You can read my feature article on this wonderful companion animal rescue and adoption non-profit organization at Columbus Underground.

When conducting the interview I asked if they had a special, touching story they would like to share for the Behind the Scene segment.  They shared the story of Ruby.

Ruby--The Feral Puppy 
On April 8, 2009 PetPromise was contacted about a group of little puppies who were living alone under a  barn in rural Licking County.  PetPromise went out and it was worse than we thought. There were two little black puppies and one reddish one living in a pile of rubble. They were dirty and thin and very scared. 

We don't know how they had survived as long as they had. They wanted so bad to come to us for food and safety, but each time we got close they would run back under the fallen shed whining and barking. 

We set up some humane traps over Easter weekend and were able to trap and rescue the little red pup. Her name is now Ruby and though she is shy, she is very sweet and we are working with her so that she can be adopted into a loving home. We are still working to rescue her two littermates as well as their mother who has been spotted in the area. Keep your fingers crossed... 

You can help! Participating in the Rescue Run as a walker, runner, sponsor, or merely spectator will help PetPromise continue to help homeless animals like Ruby and her family have a chance at life. Your support means the world to so many of the animals. Please join us for the 2009 PetPromise Rescue Run & Walk this year! 

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Anonymous said...

you're tugging at my animal loving heart. I want to save Ruby's sisters/brothers & mama right now.

Ju Ju Burd