Monday, May 4, 2009

Sponsoring Jockey Pants

Saturday evening while eating dinner at the Liberty Tavern in Powell, I watched the Kentucky Derby and all its excitement.  Among the thrills I couldn't help but notice the jockeys wearing the NetJets logo on top of each thigh.  This led me to wonder if jockeys would become like race car drivers having their uniforms covered in corporate brands. Curious, I looked into why this happened. This is what I found out .  .  . 

The jockeys in the Kentucky Derby wore the NetJet's logo in exchange for the jet leasing company making a donation to the riders that will in turn donate the money to two equine charities, Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. It also looks like they did this last year raising over $500,000.  NetJets hopes to raise awareness for the many charities in the horsing industry.  I sure they also hope to raise awareness for their brand as well.  After all, the Hollywood jet setters might actually need a jet to fly them across the country for next year's race or any other event for that matter.

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