Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Logo

So yesterday I was turned on to a great web site Logo of the Day.  Having a passions for strategic branding I of course, spent quite a bit of time looking at the various logos.

Logo of the Day is a site promotes, judges and rates high-profile logos.  Anyone can suggest a logo for Logo of the Day consideration.  It's also a place to go to for design inspiration.  Pretty cool!

From this site I found a link to another great site Brand New.  This site provides opinions on corporate and brand identity work for newly created images.

I pulled the Miracle Whip logo comparison to mention on my site.

Looks like Miracle Whip is going more for a cleaner simpler look.  This new logo looks really similar to the one I remember as a kid.  We were a Miracle Whip, not real mayo family.

I also found Miracle Whip's first logo (no this was NOT the logo I remember as a kid, I am no that old).
According to Brand New, Miracle Whip is targeting a younger 18-34 year old demographic. Hence the vintage look. Maybe it's because they are thrift store shoppers.

Or maybe because they are the demographic most likely to eat marshmallow fluff.  When I see this new jar and logo I am reminded of marshmallow fluff.  Just flip the lid color with the font color.  Do you see it too?

1 comment:

Kelly Gingery said...

Too funny....I totally see the Marshmallow Fluff visual connection!

I like the new Miracle Whip logo much better, you're's more clean & simple,nice.

OK, speaking of Fluff...thanks to you and your post, I am now craving a FlufferNutter sandwich at 6:40 in the morning.

Only problem? I don't have any Fluff. (in a jar, that is!)

Oh well, guess I'm off to go Krogering now.

Thanks for the cool logo & branding site links, I love that kind of stuff too and look forward to checking 'em out.