Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Convincing Your Board That Marketing Is Important

Oldie But Goodie #4 - August 22, 2008

Times are tough but sometimes persuading your board can be even tougher. Boards and administrators can be hesitant when it comes to spending time or money on marketing. But, in order for non-profits to survive and make their difference in the world they need funding. In order to achieve lucrative funding, they need marketing. Our equation for non-profit success is:

Development + Marketing = Successful Program

Maybe these five points will help make your board think a little differently about their non-profit survival needs:

  1. Change perception - perception is reality so get them thinking marketing is their friend. After all, marketing makes a bigger difference because you are able to reach a greater number of people. Marketing makes you stand out above the rest and, when marketing smart you become strategic not reactive.
  2. Be Efficient - you can create incredible looking pieces without breaking the bank. Be smart about your material choices like paper stocks, colors, folds. Streamline your message. You don't have to say much to leave an imPRession.
  3. Realize Needs - Create materials for what is really needed. You don't have to create pieces for everything. Maybe you have a milestone celebration coming up, focus your strategy around that and create supporting pieces for this call to action. Or maybe you need more volunteers so create a piece that will pop and create interest attracting more volunteers.
  4. Be Flexible - It's smart marketing to stay focused on initiatives but it's also smart marketing to be flexible. If after a few quarters if something is not working it might be time to change strategy - not necessarily the materials - but the strategy.
  5. Measure and Communicate - Track your results quarterly and share them with the board. When there is forward movement and progress they will begin to see the fruits of your labor and you will get buy-in.
Not sure where to start, columbus imPRessions can help you create your marketing strategies, marketing campaign or materials. Contact us at or call 740.816.3251.

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