Monday, July 6, 2009

Creativity and Humor Make A Great Campaign during Cankle Awareness Month

It's Monday morning after a long holiday weekend and I have to admit I'm having a bit of a hard time getting back into the groove.

Reading my RSS feeds, I came across the new Gold's Gym summer campaign, Say No To Cankles. Even though I think I still have sleep in my eyes this caught my attention and really made me laugh. Mixing creativity and humor is definitely one way to get me motivated.

This microsite looks like one of those cheesy magazine ads, injects loads of humor for "Cankle Awareness Month", as well as some serious exercise suggestions. While on the site place a vote for the best legs in Hollywood, and sign-up for seven days of free Canklebusting. There is also a link to join Gold Gym's Facebook page where you can use an application to send someone cankles.

Overall, a very clever campaign to get people's attention to join the gym. These are the kinds of people I'd want to work out with. The only suggestion I would make would be to continue the promotion to the brand's other media channels. Their Facebook page, Golds Gear site and Gold's Gym site do not reflect their "Cankle" promotion but instead their "Know Your Own Strength" promotion. Personally, I would suggest adding some of the cankle pieces to create brand continuity and consistency.

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