Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kid Rock Beer

That's right Detroit Rocker Kid Rock has extended his brand and now has his own beer - American Badass Beer. Being a true rock 'n roll party boy, I'd say he is staying true to his brand. The beer brewed in Michigan is an American style lager, smooth with no aftertaste. The beer was introduced to concert goers at two of his Detroit shows this week.

Next month, Badass Beer will be in stores all over Michigan and hits the retail market with 12 and 22 oz. beers coming to Ohio, Texas, Nevada, California and Tennessee next year.

This beer is being developed and marketed by Drinks America and Kid Rock under the name "The American Bad Ass Beer Company." It is said to be bringing almost 400 desperately needed jobs to Michigan.

Initial reviews from concert goers seem to be favorable. Most were pleasantly surprised. Some comments: "Good aroma, malty sweetness, corn flavor, low hops." I myself am more of a wine drinker so I'm not sure what this really means. I'm heading to Michigan next week for vacation so maybe I can find a bottle myself and give it a taste. If I do, I'll let you know.

Another great recommended beer brewed in Michigan is Bells Beer.