Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Poppy: Coach Budget Friendly Line

The luxury brand for working, fashion-conscious women has adapted to the economic times. Meet Poppy, the new brand of purses and accessories from Coach priced for today's frugal customer.

Poppy has a youthful feel and is about 20% less than the original coach purse making the average price about $260. Here is a description for Poppy I found on the Internet:

The schoolgirl chic accessory line is handbag heavy using classic shapes with retro pop art colors like bright blueberry, daisy yellow, pale chalk gray, slick spearmint, and black licorice. The Poppy Girl has a little pep in her prep and sass in her class. This is what separates her from the expected Upper East Side boarding schoolgirl. Fresh and affordable (everything is under $400!), Coach’s new line appeals to a youthful audience.

Sure I love Coach and think Poppy is energetic, chic and artsy. But I do have a few issues with it:
  1. It is clearly targeted to a younger demo so I'm not sure I'll be rushing out to get one anytime soon.
  2. Fresh and affordable? The 20% savings is really not that reasonable for the majority of their younger target audience.
  3. My teenage daughter has already strongly hinted how much she loves this new line so the pressure to purchase one for my daughter has already started.
    Perhaps if Coach wanted to make an economic line targeted to teens and 20-year-olds they could have been a little more generous on the pocketbook. I'm just sayin' . What do you think? Am I being to stingy?

    Coach is using social media for Poppy promotion. You can become their fan on Facebook here.

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