Monday, August 3, 2009

Nickelodeon Turns 30 and Gets a Facelift

MTV-owned children's cable network Nickelodeon turns 30 years young. With the milestone comes a new brand image. The logo is set in rounded lowercase type, the focal point being a stylized dot on the lowercase ‘i’—possibly resembling the outline of a child.

Sister channel Teen Nick gets a modern, updated look as well.

Being a mom of two Nick children I asked for their opinion of the new logo. Their answers might surprise Nickelodeon.

Eleven-year-old son: "I think the old logo is more exciting for kids. I like the splatter because it looks alive. The new logo is too boring and lacks detail. Being lower case it doesn't stand out on the poster examples. I do like the Teen Nick look a lot though."

Fourteen-year-old daughter: "The old logo is more kid friendly and represented who Nick is much better. The new logo is too plain, boring and not as much fun. Does that mean they are doing away with sliming? The Teen Nick logo is better than the new Nickelodeon. At least Teen Nick shows personality."

This made me wonder if Nickelodeon put the new look in front of a demographic focus group. Maybe, but my kids definitely had a strong negative reaction to the new brand image.

For more information on the new Nickelodeon image and to see how the new logo is being used on posters visit the idsgn website.


Stephanie said...

Exactly! Maybe by age I'm technically not a kid anymore, but I'm still a kid at heart and the new rebrand is not appealing. I'm even a designer myself and it's a lovely logo, but looks like any other "innovative" & "synergistic" & "web 2.0" mark. Noooo.

Anonymous said...

It's funny because the TeenNick logo is the same exact typeface with a bevel and 2 colors

columbus imPRessions said...

Even though the use the same typeface they both look very different. They like Teen Nick because it is not flat which to them transfers to boring. Having two colors, beveled and the graphic art around the logo give it more life and personality. They really didn't mind the typeface. Thanks for the comments!!

mdiffenderfer said...

The old Nick logo(s) have been around almost as long as I have, and I'll be sad to see all of them go and disappear into the memory of our childhoods. It's a shame that something so versatile is being pushed out by something so rigid. Maybe Nickelodeon should have altered all the sister networks logos and left the flagship alone.

I dont' know…

Mooky said...

Not a fan of the new logo..I agree that the new rebrand isn't appealing. Nick has pretty much sucked since all the classic Nick shows left.."Salute Your Shorts", Clarissa Explains It All"..Double Dare, Welcome Freshan, You Can't Do That On Television..Today's Special, and so many more..Even Nick at Night as become pretty lame too these many times can you watch The Nanny in 1 night..seesh..that's as bad as TV Land showing Roseanne all's always the same shows..Fresh Prince, they used to show Home Improvement(which I always watch), Roseanne and Family Matters. I thought TV Land would show classic Nick @ Nite shows like the early days of Nick@Nite, but it's turned to crapola too.

Anonymous said...

This smells like a decision driven by the need to "streamline" B2B materials for grown-ups, rather than providing a creative concept for kids. Look, I'm all for making things unified, modern, updated, blah blah blah. But sadly they "threw the baby out with the bath water." Pity.

Bart said...

Why Why Why Nickelodeon is going to the Classic graveyard i mean b4 Nick was kids now its just crap i h8 the new logo i'm goin on strike on 9/26-27/09

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Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to present the logos to a kid who didnt watch nickelodeon and do three groups (six if you include kids who did watch). One you tell the new logo is the old, the other you don't tell which is the new and the other tell the truth. You will be surprised by how much thinking that something is "new" influences people to dislike anything.

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