Friday, August 7, 2009

Philanthropy Friday Behind the Scenes with Christians Overcoming Cancer

This week's Philanthropy Friday article on Columbus Underground features Christians Overcoming Cancer. To read the article visit the website here. Today's Behind the Scenes Feature highlights some of the heartwarming stories Christians Overcoming Cancer shared with me. As you can see there are many! Christians Overcoming Cancer is doing wonderful things for so many people!

Over the past three years, there are so many moving stories that by choosing just one would be an injustice. Below is a collage of stories that touched Christians Overcoming Cancer's heart . . .
  1. There was Sonya (cervical cancer) the referral that caused us to expand our services to include anyone in treatment for cancer.
  2. There was Thomas (pancreatic cancer) who stretched our creativity as he needed a fallen tree removed from his home – we used Craigslist offering free firewood.
  3. There was Dustin (age 2 liver cancer), our first child client, touched a deeper place in our heart and mission.
  4. There was Reggie (thyroid cancer) who expanded our service outside Ohio to Texas.
  5. There was Maria (terminal gall bladder cancer) from Mexico, a 35 widow with 2 daughters age 2 and 6 who caused us to offer legal referrals and who made us international.
  6. There was Tim (follicular Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma) who was afraid to have chemo because each time it hurt so we attended treatments with him.
  7. There was Sophia (age 13 months battling acute lymphocystic leukemia) who touched our heart being our youngest client.
  8. There was Michelle (breast cancer) she had extremely low self image as a result of a less than great reconstruction she helped shape our emotional support program.
  9. There was Karris (9 battling AML Leukemia) and his brother, Kyle (14 Karris’ bone marrow match) their mother was taking him to treatment via bus 1 ½ hrs each way their struggle brought us in collaboration with Auto Plus who repairs vehicles for cancer patients at extremely low prices.
  • Then there was our first fundraiser. A Life with Style fashion fanfare – an all survivor fashion show. Just a few weeks before the show one of the children models passed and her best friend modeled for her. Also in the show was Rachel (age 11) battling bone cancer, with her leg amputated, she was in the show…her father pushed her down the runway in her wheelchair.

  • Then there was our first Cancer Can’t Stop Christmas event where everyone cried as we were able to get a family’s vehicle repaired at no cost to them – both parents were battling cancer and provided over 300 presents from Xbox360s to Digital Cameras to Skates to Electric Guitars and Guitar Hero..
"2009 Cancer Can’t Stop Christmas” Celebration
On December 26 at the Doubletree Guest Suites in Downtown Columbus, we host a Celebration for families with a child, 17 and under, who is in treatment, and their siblings, and for children whose immediate family member passed of cancer within the year. The event includes a catered child friendly dinner, Wish List Presents and a special visit from the Clauses all designed to restore hope in the lives of the family that Cancer Can’t Stop Christmas.

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