Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boxed Water

Looking at one of my favorite website - the Dieline - I came across the 40 Favorite Beverage Package Designs. If you view the post you will see that bottle design is clearly a work of art.

A little more than half way down the post I saw a package design that caught my attention - Boxed Water. The design is simple, but on purpose. It's basically water in a milk carton. It's nostalgic, yet modern, sustainable and environmental.

In fact, Boxed Water is better for the environment with 85% of the box being made from trees (a renewable resource). As an added bonus, the company plans to donate part of the proceed to water relief foundations and reforestation foundations.

Being a young company, currently they are only in Western Michigan but are always looking to add more distributors. Very cool concept, very cool company. Made such an imPRessions I wanted to help generate some awareness. I hope to see this in my grocery store some day soon.

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Ali said...

Boxed water is fine, but I still can't believe people in the US are BUYING water as often as they do! It's FREE, people! And in this country, it's wonderfully healthy (unlike third world countries with contaminated water systems).

Thanks for sharing.