Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An Evening at Signature Wines

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending a wine tasting and food pairing event at Signature Wines.

Signature Wines specializes in designing customized and personalized labels that are placed on the six different types of wines made and bottled at Kelly Harvey's winery on the east side of Columbus.

Here is my columbus imPRessions wine label I created for my dream winery someday!

Signature Wine grapes are fermented and aged on the premises of Signature Wines from high quality California grapes. The wines we tasted last night came from the Alexander Valley.

Pairing food and wine is really a science. When pairing food with wine, always match similar flavors so they don't overpower each other. The food and wine should compliment each other. Last night we paired six different wines:

2005 Chardonnay with Robusto Gouda cheese. The light salty, nutty taste complimented the sweet fruit of the Chardonnay. Surprisingly, this was my favorite pairing!

2005 Zinfandel Blush with smoked ham and aged cheddar. The smoke and salt of the ham and cheese balanced the semi-sweet wine.

2004 Rose' with Buffalo chicken dip. The sweet Rose' helped temper the heat from the hot dip. As a side note, the Buffalo chicken dip was pretty tasty!

2005 Merlot with basil pesto pasta salad. Food flavored with basil is frequently paired with Merlot because the herb of the basil balances well with the flavors of Merlot.

2006 Cabernet Sauvignon with sirloin steak and mushrooms in Merlot sauce. A hearty dish needs a hearty wine. The richness of the red meat balances with the dry red wine. This was my favorite wine!

2001 Port with dark chocolate truffles. This brandy like wine is traditionally paired with chocolate because both have a luscious, rich flavor.

After the tasting Kelly gave us a brief idea of how the wine is produced and showed us some of the equipment used in the fermenting and bottling process.

Click on collage to view larger images.

To place an order to have a personalized label created for you, email Kelly at kharvey@signaturewinesofohio.com or call 614.395.2355. There is never a minimum order or set-up charge for customized labels. In addition, Signature Wines offers a 10% discount on a case of wine with the same customized label on all 12 bottles. It make a great holiday gift!


Tiffany said...

It was a fun evening sampling and learning about Signature Wines. I love your label! What a great gift idea. PS...I'll come visit your winery someday. :)

lisaf said...

Love the personalized labels. I was excited to see that you and I had both created our own wine labels. I learned so much about pairing the right wine with food. Kelly was an inspiring 'teacher'.

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Port and truffles.. heavenly!

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