Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proud To Announce New Partnership with 10TV and Commit To Be Fit

I am jumping out of my seat excited to announce my new partnership with 10TV Commit To Be Fit. Annie Vian, of Vian Communications, and columbus imPRessions are merging our areas of expertise to breathe new life into the 10TV Commit To Be Fit program.

This seven year old program, lead by the lovely Andrea Cambern, was created because in 2001 Columbus was named the 5th fattest city in America. Andrea and 10TV took this health concern very seriously and created the Commit To Be Fit Program. Working with the Columbus community, last year we were ranked the 19th fittest city by Men’s Fitness Magazine! From one of the fattest to one of the fittest!

Annie and I want to keep that moment going and create new opportunities for the Columbus community. Over the next year, we will work with 10TV and Andrea to take Commit To Be Fit to a new level with more interaction and excitement.

We look forward to the opportunities this new partnership can bring to Columbus!

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