Sunday, January 24, 2010

Committing To Be Fit

A few months ago I partnered with new client, 10TV Commit To Be Fit! I love the program and the folks I work with at 10TV, especially Andrea, the spokesperson for the program.

Yesterday I spent the day manning the Commit To Be Fit booth at the Kids Sports & Fitness Expo signing people up for the Commit To Be Fit on-line community, (which will be coming soon) and will be a great interactive community filled with tips, recipes, and support. You can join the on-line community now and until it is up and fully running you will receive a weekly eblast full of good health and fitness information.

Since taking on this program, I have looked at my lifestyle a little closer. I definitely think I could become more committed to living a healthier lifestyle and should drop a few pounds. Honestly, I wasn't too thrilled when I saw myself in this photo. It looks like I drop straight down from my shoulders - yikes, not happy about that.

So, I'm actually going to start using the program I promote. I will be paying better attention to the things I put in my mouth and will be signing up for Jazzercise tomorrow (if I'm going to work out I want it to be fun and perfect timing, tomorrow Jazzercise is holding a 1 Day Special!) To make sure I am accountable and watch what I am doing I am going to start using the Commit To Be Fit Progress Tracker. Sure it will take some commitment, but you need to commit to be fit (hence the name of the program).

I'm hoping that the next time I take a photo at the Commit To Be Fit booth I will not look like I drop straight down from my shoulders and have a little more definition in my waistline.

To be continued . . . . .


Tiffany said...

That sounds exciting Michele! I also made the commitment to be healthier this year...both mentally and physically. Maybe we can all encourage each other! I will look into the programs you mentioned!!!

cheap canvas prints said...

Awesome, thanks a lot for sharing this and I think it's a great idea to encourage the others!