Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm with Coco Helps Haiti

The NBC late night mess has people picking teams - Team Coco (Conan) or Team Leno. I have to say, for me it's a no brainer, Team Coco all the way! There are a couple ways to show support for Conan and one even helps the earthquake victims in Haiti.
  1. Join Team Coco's Facebook page.
  2. Purchase an official "I'M WITH COCO" t-shirt by Mike Mitchell for $18.00. $1.00 from the purchase of each shirt goes to

Planting Peace, one of Haiti's largest relief organizations, is a progressive nonprofit organization founded by Aaron Jackson and John Dieubon in 2004 for the purpose of spreading peace in a hurting world. Even though the organization operates on a global level, they emphasize the power of one; the ability that each person possesses to make a difference in the world.

Planting Piece is raising funds for the Haitian earthquake victims. With the funds Planting Peace will be purchasing and passing our food and water to the many effected by this earthquake. They will also be seeking alternative shelters for those in need.

If you'd like to make a donation without purchasing a t-shirt, you can do so here.

Compared to the mess from the earthquake, the Late Night mess is no mess at all! How quickly it is all put into perspective. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Haiti and everyone connected to Haiti in some way.

No matter the tragedy, life does go on. It's nice to know that a silly Late Night mess can turn into a positive and help those who really need it! I'll be purchasing my Team Coco t-shirt today! Hope you will do the same.

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