Friday, January 15, 2010

Salesian Missions Hit Hard in Port-au-Prince, Frantically Working to Provide Aid as Humanitarian Workers Become Victims and Among Missing

The Haiti earthquake personally touched Shoestring Creative Group and their client Salesian Missions.

In the wake of the earthquake that devastated Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Salesian Missions is working around the clock to pull together emergency response teams and fundraising efforts to assist in the relief efforts. Among those in need of assistance are Salesians and missionary workers, and at least 200 students are believed to be buried in the rubble of the renowned “National School of Arts and Trades” operated by Salesian Missions.

An emergency response team is headed to Haiti from Dominican Republic via helicopter. Salesian Missions has initially approved $80,000 from its U.S. office for a disaster relief fund for Haiti.

More funds are sought from the public and corporations.

Funds are needed for:
- emergency relief kits for the survivors ($40 will provide a relief kit)
- bottled water
- food
- tents
- clothing
- medical items
- satellite telephone to re-establish communication

Salesian Missions not only operated schools for thousands of students in Port-au-Prince, but services of all kinds for 25,000 of Haiti’s poorest children. Specializing in sheltering, educating and feeding street children, the humanitarian aid organization has its work cut out for it as all children in Port-au-Prince are now street children.

Safe on-line donations can be made At Salesian Missions website.

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