Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Naked Chef Starts A Food Revolution

I love to watch the Food Network Channel. Maybe it's because I wish I could cook like those chefs. Or maybe it's really because I wish I could find a way to beam up the delicious concoctions through my TV set and into my house so I can eat what they prepared!

Jamie Oliver is the Naked Chef and after three years of this successful series Jamie is looking to do more. So he started a food revolution! He's mad because so many kids are overweight and even obese because of the foods they are eating. Jamie's Food Revolution is all about replacing junk, snacks and processed food with freshly cooked nutritious meals – in schools and at home.

Jaime won the Ted Prize, an award granting recipients $100,000 and something much bigger - an opportunity to realize a wish to change the world. Jaime will be putting that money to make sure every kid gets good, fresh food at school. See Jaime's Ted speech here. It is very powerful and the statistics are staggering!

You can join Jaime's Food Revolution by signing a petition that he plans to take to the White House for support.

I applaud Jaime for what he is doing and am glad someone is leading the stand to help our kids. Because of my work with 10TV Commit To Be Fit I am more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle for adults and kids. If you know a child who you would like to learn more about a healthy lifestyle in Columbus they can join the 10TV Commit To Be Fit Kids Club for some great tips and information.


Maureen McCabe said...

I just watched the Ted video yesterday. I was telling someone about it last night. I had heard of Jamie but don't really know how I knew he was. I have never seen his show.

I did not know he won the Ted prize or even that there was one but what a wonderful Ted presentation. What a wonderful cause.

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