Monday, March 22, 2010

Dinner and a Wine Tasting at Verde Was Definitely Worth The Drive To Urbana!

This past weekend I enjoyed my first Weekend ReTweat which started at Verde in Urbana,Ohio.

I knew I would like this place when walking in a realized they were having a wine tasting that evening. I grabbed my seat and purchased my tickets for the tasting!

The wine tasting included five different types of wine from 55 degrees.
  1. I started out with some french wines - Mas de la dame Rose' du Mas an '08 Rose' from Provence. I automatically thought White Zinfandel when I looked at it because of its color and almost passed on it but was pleasantly surprised when I tasted it. Very light, and flavorful. It's something I would enjoy in the summer.
  2. My second taste was Chateau Lamothe de Haux an '08 Bordeaux. Because I am a red wine drinker and this is a white I was shocked that this was one of my favorites. It has a grapefruit flavor which I enjoyed. I'll definitely be purchasing this one sometime soon to enjoy over the warm months to come!
  3. The third taste was a French Vouvray '07 Chanin Blanc. This was probably the sweetest of the wines but by no means was it too sweet. Not my favorite out of the five but I had no problem finishing it!
  4. Next came the red! The fourth tasting was a California wine, Six Clones '07 Merlot from Perano Estates. This was a very good wine and was not as heavy as a typical Merlot. One of my girlfriends who does not like reds really enjoyed this glass.
  5. The last taste was a wine from Argentina. A 2009 Malbec from Ave Premium. Over the winter Malbec's have become one of my favorite wines and this one did not disappoint!
Here are a couple photos of the Weekend Retweaters enjoying the Chateau Lamothe de Haux an '08 Bordeaux

After the wine tasting the real fun began when we were treated to some incredible culinary samplings from Verde. From the warm pita and hummus and celery root soup with caviar and marscapone, to the turkey reuben, crab cakes and mushroom bruschetta every bite was incredible! And to top it off, before we left we enjoyed a tasting of the chocolate mouse, which was to die for! Below is a brief video of our time at Verde. You'll be able to see and hear how wonderful Verde is (wish you could smell through video too). Definitely worth the trip to Urbana, one I will be making again!

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