Monday, March 22, 2010

Hopkins House Bed & Breakfast Our First Weekend ReTweat

This past Friday the Weekend ReTweaters were invited to stay at the Hopkins House Bed & Breakfast in Mechanicsburg, Ohio. We were all very excited to start our new series of adventures in a historic farm house over 100 years old that was designed by a 10-year-old and home to a famous artist!

During the tour of the 16-room farmhouse we saw many interesting things and learned the history of Hopkins Family. With all the nooks, mismatched windows and charming hiding places one could quickly see that this house was designed by 10-year-old son, Harold.

I was in awe by the original painting that hangs near the piano that was painted by the Hopkins other son, James Hopkins. He was a world traveled painter, spent many years studying and teaching art, and was appointed chairman of the Department of Fine Arts at The Ohio State University. Today, Hopkins Hall at OSU is still aptly named.

I also found the house charming with all the woodwork, pocket doors and many built-ins. The antique dining room and gorgeous fireplace in the kitchen area added to the appeal.

Climbing up the stairs I passed a gorgeous stained glass window on the way to my bedroom for the night, the Sunrise Room, which was one of five bedrooms.

Upstairs, at the other end of the hall, was the study which has a 20 foot cathedral ceiling and an enormous fireplace. We were told this was once the room where James Hopkins painted. The tour exposed an incredible house perfect for a bed & breakfast!

After the tour we enjoyed dinner at Verde. After dinner we settled in with some wine a movie and great conversation. We obviously were all extremely comfortable in this Bed & Breakfast!

We woke the next morning to a beautiful sunrise and the smells of a delicious breakfast coming from the renovated kitchen. The dining room table was set, the coffee was brewing and all the locally grown food was ready to be served. We definitely felt like royalty.

Soon after breakfast we packed and parted ways. The stay was quick but very relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. Our video below shows a little more of the trip. Enjoy! But I think you'd enjoy it more if you booked a night or weekend at the Hopkins Bed & Breakfast for yourself!

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sparklegem said...

Love the "reTweat" idea! How cute! That place looks amazing, definitely worth the trip.