Thursday, March 25, 2010

Work Is Taking Me To New Albany

Over the last few months I have been busy with a client in New Albany. It's kind of a new client and kind of not. Last year I worked with The Culinary Table in Grandview owned by Annette Bellisari Johnson.

This spring Annette is expanding her business to New Albany creating a banquet facility and cooking classroom in the heart of New Albany at 29 S. High Street. I've been creating new marketing materials, updating the blog and using social media for awareness. The Culinary Table has a Facebook page. Become a fan to get up-to-the minute info on cooking classes, wine tastings, and special events.

Along with The Culinary Table New Albany I am also working with Annette's husband, EJ on a connecting restaurant he is opening, called Landon's Corners. Landon's Corners has quite a bit a history since it is the location where, back in the 1800's, New Albany founder, Mr. Noble Landon had a tavern of his own in that location called Landon's Corners. The restaurant will open in April and will feature a delicious, unique menu offerings like "juicy lucy" and bison bites. Landon's Corners will also offer happy hour, special nights for families and evenings with live music starting with The Conspiracy Band celebrating their 20th anniversary on April 16th. Reservations are now being taken for the 20th anniversary celebration with Conspiracy. Call 614.855.1901 to make a reservation.

"Where the roads connect and the neighbors meet."

Opening a restaurant is exciting, time consuming, and never dull. For now, my part in the restaurant has been some marketing. I created the logo, tag, free appetizer coupons, gift card and loyalty card and soon will start a Facebook page.

As things continue to progress I'll keep you updated!