Thursday, July 15, 2010

Serving On A School District's Communication Committee

A few months back the Olentangy Local School District created a Communications Committee and put a call out for potential members. Anyone interested was asked to submit a resume. Living in the school district, having children who attend school in the district, and working in PR and marketing for years I decided to apply.

I was asked to join the committee of about 25 individuals. The committee is filled with individuals with PR, marketing, or media experience, as well as a couple individuals who live in the district, a few teachers and even a couple high school students. I have been enjoying my time learning about the district, its communication policies and plans for the future.

As I committee member I am looked upon as an advisory panel member where I can offer my insight, and expertise on things like marketing, PR opportunities, Listserv, website and whether or not the school district should participate in social media (which I think they should).

I'm thrilled to be able to assist the district in taking it to the next level and am excited for the potential. Having only two Communication staff members in the district office, I think it was very wise for the district to create this committee, especially since the district keeps growing at an incredibly fast pace.

Here's to moving Olentangy into new a communication direction that will benefit students, parents and community members in today's 2.0 world.


Richie Escovedo said...

Michele, I am intrigued by the Communications Committee idea. As a Director of Media and Communications for a school district in Texas, I can see how this would be an invaluable resource. We are looking into creating a similar group of key communicators within the district.

It is great to see a community member excited to participate for that district.

Thanks for sharing your insights as a committee member.

- @vedo

columbus imPRessions said...

Richie, thanks for the comment. The Communication Committee really is a great idea since the school district can tap into professionals who are excited and willing to share their expertise as volunteers.

We all just want to see our school district be the best it can be for the kids and the community!

Good luck assembling your committee.

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