Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Creating Marketing Materials & Brand Consistency

For about five months I have been a member of Weekend ReTweat, a group of savvy social media ladies who enjoy travel while using their various social media networks to promote travel destinations.

In five months we have been invited to stay at four places, tweeting and blogging all the way. Things are taking off and the group is taking shape. With that comes the need for brand consistency and marketing pieces.

So last weekend a few of us got together to brainstorm some ideas on how to market the group. We have some great ideas up our sleeves and this week I was asked to help by creating a couple pieces to help establishment understand what Weekend ReTweat is and more importantly, what Weekend ReTweat and social media can do to promote their establishment.

If you know anyone with an Inn, Resort or B&B who would like some help promoting their location, let them know about Weekend ReTweat and feel free to forward the Contact Sheet and Press Kit.


Jason said...

Nice Press Kit. You ladies are doing some great stuff. I'll keep an eye open for places that could benefit from Weekend ReTweat.

Ian said...

Great article, I enjoy this.