Friday, June 17, 2011

Move Over Amy Pohler, I've Been Hired by Washington Township Dublin

I'm starting to feel a little like Amy Pohler's character on Parks & Recreation, Leslie Knope. Today I can officially announce that I have been hired by Washington Township Dublin, Ohio to manage their social media efforts for the Township, Fire & EMS, and Parks & Recreation.

I am very excited to build their social media marketing efforts over the summer and am hopeful that positive data will be generated to continue my services for a longer period of time.

I began building their Facebook page and in the near future will use Pagemodo to customize their tabs. Please "like" their Facebook page - Washington Township Dublin Ohio - Fire & EMS | Parks & Rec. I also started following Dublin Ohio organizations and businesses on their Twitter feed. You can follow Washington Township's Twitter feed for up-to-date information on programs, events, fire safety and township announcements. You can also see videos on their YouTube channel and we plan to add all types of video to keep residents informed and entertained. Please subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Please join me in welcoming Washington Township, Dublin Ohio to the world of social media!

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