Monday, December 5, 2011

A Tedx Video That Touched Me: Louie Schwartzberg - Nature. Beauty. Gratitude.

2011 has been quite a journey professionally and personally, both good and bad. I appreciate every journey because each one created growth.

One of the best happenings in 2011 was the start of my work with the Columbus Metro Parks. I've always loved the outdoors and nature but this year I've learn so many things about nature giving me a new awareness, perspective and appreciation.

That's why, at first, this Tedx video by Louis Schwartzberg - "Nature. Beauty. Gratitude." caught my attention. But it was after I watched the "Happiness Revealed" segment that I gained a new prospective on the beauty of nature each day.  The magnitude of beauty in nature every day is so much bigger than anything imagined and is truly a gift.

With the coming new year I plan to watch this video frequently as a reminder to have gratitude and to find happiness in beautiful nature.

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