Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Completed the 21 Day Yoga Challenge!!!

Today was the last day of the 21 Day Yoga Challenge! From January 9 - January 29, I did yoga, meditated, and ate at least one vegetarian meal for 21 straight days (with the exception of one day where I did not eat vegetarian but doubled up the next day, hence the 98% instead of 100%). Oh well, still so proud of myself to sticking to and achieving a goal.

I feel great, am definitely more toned and flexible and lost about 7 pounds too. I love yoga not just for my body but also for my mind and plan on continuing to practice yoga at least four days a week.

Next month I think I'm going to attempt to train for a Couch to 5k with the help of Commit To Be Fit (announcement on Friday, February 3rd). My goal is to participate in the Capital City Half Marathon Commit To Be Fit 5k.