Thursday, May 31, 2012

Women's Leadership Network: United Way of Delaware County

This winter I was invited to attend a Women's Leadership Network event for the United Way of Delaware County. I thought I was only going for a fun evening with a good friend. But once there, I not only had a good time with my friend I was touched by the mission of this women's group. Missing my nonprofit involvement, I decided that evening to get involved.

The mission of the Women's Leadership Network is to "Bring women together to collectively inspire and empower individuals and families to succeed within Delaware County." This year they are focusing on many young girl and women's organizations, one being Family Promise of Delaware County which I helped with some marketing and PR when their doors opened a couple years ago.

A few months ago I became a member of the Women's Leadership Network Communication Committee. In doing so I'm helping to create awareness for the group, as well as creating some branding and marketing pieces.

The first piece I created was this business card. We were looking for something easy to pass out since the group's first big appearance was at the Powell Memorial Day Parade.

I'm currently in the production stage of creating a more in-depth postcard for the group to use to inform and recruit new members. 

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