Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Sugar Pie Tee's Have Arrived!

My good friend, and kindred spirit, Kelly Blanton recently started her own business, Sugar Pie Tee's, and I love it!

I was honored when she asked me some months ago to help weigh in on her new brand imaging and love the logo she and her husband Jason developed.

And I think it is super cool that they can take the Tee's on the road with the retro style Airstream, the Sugar Shack. Last weekend they made an appearance at the Covered Bridge Bluegrass Festival in Union County.

But what I love the most are the Tee's! Not only are they designed way cool, they are so comfy! Probably because they are printed in eco-friendly distressed white waterbase ink, that just gets softer & softer with each wash and are a poly/rayon/cotton tri-blend that is super soft too. These will quickly become my favorite Tee's.

Check them out ....

Now check out Sugar Pie Tee's and order one of these or any of the other stylin' tees:

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