Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year. New Client. New State

2014 is starting out with a new client across state lines. A very exciting time for columbus imPRessions.

This month I will begin working in the state of Virginia, Richmond to be exact. I have partnered with Smart 1 Marketing and Summit Digital Media as a social media consultant for a handful of events and event venues in Richmond - The Hot Air Balloon Festival, The K95 Country Fest and The Meadow Event Park.

Experience I gained with the Dispatch Events Groups's Spring and Fall Home & Garden Shows and the 10TV Health and Fitness Expo will prove valuable for this client. But unlike the Dispatch Events this client it's more about strategy than it is about page management. I love strategery (that's for you Colleen Fischer) so this will be good!

I look forward to learning more about Richmond, Virginia. I've visited there a handful of times and really like it. Most of my work will be virtually but I'm hoping to slip in a trip sometime this year.

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