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Coffee Table

What's Your Next Chapter?

Coffee table books. Most of us have at least one that's slightly angled and fits perfectly in the corner. Others have a stack from large to small. How do you select your coffee table book? Perhaps you choose it for the colorful binding, the smart content, or maybe for its design inspiration. Regardless of the reason, most likely it was thoughtfully selected making it a statement piece you proudly display. 

We all have a story. So how about you? Would you display your story on the coffee table? Is it time to add new pages? Let's thoughtfully write your next chapter and really make it a statement piece! 

Launched in April 2008, columbus imPRessions is run by Michele, a passionate solepreneur, who delves a little deeper in order to create an interesting and consistent story across all platforms through creative marketing, messaging and digital media.

" I love a story that makes me lose track of time. Such story includes creative branding and captivating messaging. Just like the ever-changing world of marketing and social media, our stories are always evolving."


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Michele Savoldi
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