Michele Savoldi

Owner, columbus imPRessions

Michele began her career in marketing and PR at a radio station more than 30 years ago. Since then, her experience has included work in advertising and branding, corporate communications, and nonprofit organizations. Prior to Starting her own business, Michele was the Director of Brand Marketing & Development at a large nonprofit organization for six years, where she directed the development, implementation and integration of all strategies, activities and goals relating to marketing, brand, development programs, communication and public relations for a tri-state area.


In April 2008, Michele combined her experiences to form her own marketing and communication company, columbus imPRessions, where she handles all things marketing, messaging and social media. Since then she has assisted an array of clients from nonprofit organizations, start-ups and small businesses, as well as mid-sized to large traditional and digital media companies. After the sale of her largest client and internal changes in others, there was a plot twist and Michele decided to go back into the non-profit sector in 2016 while keeping columbus imPRessions open for part-time and project based work. Or what she affectionally calls, her new chapter. 


Currently Michele is assisting with branding, messaging and marketing on a per project and consulting basis. Do you need to write a new chapter?   



In the prime of her life, Michele focuses on making the best of every moment. She is living life to the fullest through traveling the world, learning new things, and finding adventure in the ordinary. 


“Over the years, the pages in my book have changed drastically with a variety of different characters, locations and plot twists. It definitely has been a thriller! In this time of my life my story is only becoming more interesting!

I’m enthusiastic about branding, fascinated with social networking, and passionate about making a difference for the greater good. Sometimes life can deal some tough blows, but I try to look for the lesson and strive to live with a positive outlook. Living for creative expression, indulging in laughter every chance I get, plus being a cold pressed juice addict helps. I also love to travel and have a severe case of the Wanderlust bug! If I could make one wish, it would be to drink red wine in a piazza in Italy."

Guess what? When you put your mind to something anything is possible. This Fall Michele will be enjoying that glass of wine on the Amalfi Coast with the Gadabout Gals, her passion project with her best friends. See what she is up to with her other projects.

Gadabout Gals

Having the prime of our lives experiencing the globe.

Three socially savvy friends enjoying adventures in our prime and around the world while using our various social media networks to actively promote travel destinations and experiences.

Read our Travel Diary.

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Positively Prime

Living life to the fullest. Living positively prime.

Mid-life is the prime of my life. A time when I am now allowed to focus on just me. Do what I want to do. Go where I want to go. 

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