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Whether it's a client or a donor, relationships are key. Needs may be different, but nurturing, growing and tending to each person and project is actually very similar. As a mission-focused, results-driven, goal-oriented, leader with a growth mindset that stems from a place of compassion and collaboration, columbus imPRessions has created much success over the years. 


Partnering with many amazing clients of all sizes has verified columbus imPRessions abilities to produce successful results locally, state-wide and across the country. Past clients included: The Columbus Dispatch; WBNS-10TV; Dispatch Digital Group and their various clients across central Ohio; Nationwide Children's Hospital; Columbus Metro Parks; Preservation Parks of Delaware County; WagFest!; Pacific Union Financial; and Dynamic Scrip just to name a handful. Projects and strategic initiatives ranged from marketing, branding, messaging, and corporate social responsibility.


To read what some of them had to say about partnering together click here.

To discuss your needs and to start creating the pages of your book together.

Individual projects are personalized to meet the varied needs and budgets of clients.

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Whether a business, organization, start-up, or individual you are what you share. Is the text in your book truly expressing how you want to be portrayed? Be the author of your story. By learning about you, your brand, organization or company, and listening to what you really want to accomplish we can partner together to make it a very exciting chapter. And in today's remote world I can assist you wherever you are!


  • Strategic Branding 

  • Personal Branding

  • Digital & Video Branding


  • Strategic Messaging

  • Crisis Communication

  • Cross-Over Campaigns

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  • Social Content & Ads

  • Email Campaign

  • Video Marketing


  • Strategic Planning

  • Research & Analysis

  • Social Responsibility

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